If you think of making your own website, you must first decide whether to create a website for free hosting or paid hosting. You will get many options, all have some advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss free hosting and paid hosting here. From their names, it is understood that free hosting does not charge any service to their customers. And on the other hand, if you take paid hosting, you will have to pay some charges each month to use this service.
From the initial point of view, you may be able to save some money using free hosting. But you have to understand why a company can offer you free of cost? Because everyone came to the market for business. Above all, if a company wants to do business, they will never be able to offer web hosting free of charge.


Some problem of free hosting

There are many types of hosting companies in the market that offer hosting at free of cost. But they do not charge directly from you, they make money by using advertising and some other methods. These types of hosting are good for some small projects. But there are many problems with it. I discussed some of these issues below –

Continuous Advertising of Free Hosting:

Almost all the free hosting companies earn money by showing advertise on your website. Since they do not know how many users are right on your website, they constantly end up with advertise and the user experience is very bad. So if you use free hosting, the visitor can actually see the advertising on the website, the content will not be able to see them.

Limited Advertise for Free Hosting:

Another limitation of free hosting is that website companies show their own advertise so they do not allow another advertisement. If you come to the point that you monetize your website and earn money by showing advertise it will not be possible here. If you create a website with free hosting, you will get a very limited monetization option.

Increased Downtime For Free Hosting:

Free hosting companies do not charge for the service, so they always try to reduce their costs. To reduce the cost, they do not pay attention to the server at all. So most of the time the server is down. Since their customers do not pay any money to get the service, they have no obligation to provide better services. And most of the time, your web site’s google search ranking will get worse for the server to stay down, so you’ll lose the most valuable traffic.

Slow Website Speeds For Free Hosting:

With the increase in downtime, your website’s speed drops abnormally, using free hosting.

Long Domain Names When Use Free Hosting:

Most of the free hosting services do not allow you to use your own domain name. Instead, you’ll be getting some such domain – It’s very hard to remember these types of domain names. Also, this type of domain name is not professional.

Limited Storage and Bandwidth with use of Free Hosting:

Free hosting companies keep many limitations in these types of free hosting to increase their profits. So you cannot use more disk space in these types of accounts. The monthly bandwidth is very low. So you have to be forced to use that small amount of bandwidth and disk space. You cannot make your website very useful.

File Type Limitations at Free Hosting:

On the other hand, these free hosting companies also limit your use of resources. Some types of files cannot be used here, which can give you many kinds of information on your website. Some files like videos and flash files do not support here in a while.
It should always be remembered that cheap things are not always good. Free hosting companies advertise many of their products to sell. They give a lot of promise, even the promise to give unlimited bandwidth but when you use this free hosting, you will find the above problems.


Benefits of Paid Hosting

If you use paid web hosting, do not look at the above problems like Free Hosting. However, if you use a good paid hosting like InterServer, you will get some additional benefits. InterServer gives the following benefits to its customers.

Exceptional Customer Support:

When you are spending money to use hosting, you need good support in any hosting problem. And paid hosting companies offer 24/7 technical support to their customers. If you find any problem, it is very quickly resolved.

Advanced Monitoring:

Paid web hosting companies use advanced software to ensure their customer’s paid service. With this advanced software, they always keep their hardware and websites under surveillance. So before any significant catastrophism, they can find out the problems and they are solved.


You can start with a very low-cost plan. Later when your website becomes very popular, you can upgrade to a more powerful and faster plan. So that your website will always be able to meet the needs of visitors.

Professional Appearance:

Like Free Hosting, you will not see any advertisements or other unnecessary things here. Only your customers can see what you keep on the website yourself. This will help give your website a professional look. Your website will be clean and transparent.

Latest Hardware and Software:

Paid hosting companies try to keep their hardware and software always up to date. Otherwise, if there is a problem, their customers will be left to another company.

Advanced Security:

Paid hosting companies are responsible for keeping all their customers’ websites safe from hackers. Currently, DDOS and many other types of security issues are being addressed, so considering that these web hosting companies offer advanced security features in their packages.
It is undoubtedly that paid hosting is much better than Free Hosting. But here is a question that does it cost too much money? The real event is that paid hosting can get cheaper. Most new websites, which are just starting to use, are using paid hosting for just a few dollars a month. Examples are InterServer’s Paid Hosting. You get industry-leading hosting only 5 dollars per month. If you purchase this hosting for a long time, you will get at a lower price of 4 dollars per month. And you get rid of all the hassle of using Free Hosting in exchange for this much money. So if you think of creating your own website then always use paid hosting. And safely run your website.
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