Let’s try to learn what is web hosting and how it is and how much web hosting you should get for your blog or website.


What is Web Hosting?

Suppose you are a business and you need a shop or store to keep whatever belongings or goods you have in your business. Additionally, whatever materials you keep on your site, for example, Video, Photo or Text Article One needs storage for all to keep on the Internet, presently a PC is associated with the Internet and is kept on 24 hours, and the majority of your content is put away on it at Host Computer or Called Web Host and this procedure is called Web Hosting. Let’s now understand in a little detail –

How Web Hosting Works?

Presently we understand what’s going on to web hosting, yet on the off chance that you don’t see how it functions, you likewise know, most importantly, from where we get Web Hosting –
The Internet is the world’s biggest system, through it a large number of a great many PCs and cell phones are associated with one another. You are more likely than not found in your home notwithstanding when two PCs are associated with one another, that also will turn into a little Internet But it is a private network, however at whatever point a PC is associated with people in general system or not, the information that is in it is open. Nobody can have the capacity to utilize or access to it has turned into a piece of the Internet it would you be able to state Web server or Web host.
This web server is associated with the Internet 365 days a year, and this webserver offers you space on your PC to anchor your site’s content and to show that content online on your website.
The hosting service stores every one of the records on your site on a web server. This web server is a high-level computer when someone enters your website’s address URL into your browser from your home or from your mobile phone. The server conveys a copy of the webpage of your website on its request to which your website is open on that computer.

What is web hosting?| Different type of web hosting

Can you host your website on your computer?

Yes you can do absolutely but if your computer is closed then your website may also be shut down or for some reason, if there is a problem on your computer then all your data may be lost, because of this, people will be able to provide reliable web hosting companies Only those who post their website, those are the responsibility of the companies that upload the data on them and the responsibility of keeping your website connected to the Internet for 24 hours. Are the companies

How many types of web hosting are?

Web hosting is of two types relying upon the operating system

1.    Linux web hosting

2.    Windows web hosting

What is Linux hosting?

When you get web hosting on a computer of a web server in which the Linux operating system is installed, such a Linux web hosting is called because the Linux working framework is open-source programming i.e., it is free for everybody, at that point these hosting service Companies pay less in giving and it is likewise cheap for you

What is Windows hosting?

Similarly, the web hosting computers have Windows operating systems that are called Windows hosting because now Windows is not free, the hosting company has to buy a license for Windows so it is expensive compared to Linux web hosting on that day and that is why most Blogs and website lines are hosted on a web hosting only
Web hosting is of three types depending on the website support –

1.    Shared Web Hosting

2.    Virtual Private Server

3.    Dedicated Web Hosting

What is Shared Web Hosting?

The shared web hosting is stored on a single server on a single file, so many such websites are stored, and so this is called hosting shared web hosting. All the resources of that computer, processors, RAM and hard disk are used together by all websites but this Due to this, hosting is cheaper than all hosting but there are some disadvantages too, it is fine until your website is new and If the number of visitors to a website increases due to some reason, then its impact and every one of the websites hosted on that hosting website falls on it, for example, if anyone website is slow or down All the websites will be down. Down means that it will take a lot of time to open all the pages of the website, but it is very rare that this room can be accessed by many people. As rent

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

If seen, the virtual private server is similar to web hosting, but here a server is divided into many virtual servers, just like you partition your hard disk, even after partition. The hard disk remains the same, in the same way, the virtual private server stays on the same server, and it is similar to the different rooms in the same house. Yards are more secure than web hosting and can handle more traffic

What is a Dedicated Web Hosting?

Here a server is set up for a website separately, and all its resources use only one website. This web hosting is good for a very high traffic website like if you have any commercial website on which a lot if more traffic comes, then you can take dedicated web hosting because a server is set for you differently, its price is very much is more
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What is Reseller web hosting?

If you do not create a website for yourself, then you can buy reseller web hosting, it is a bit different from shared web hosting, where if you are running four websites in shared web hosting All the websites have to be handled from the control panel but there is a separate control panel for every website in reseller hosting. For those businesses Hut is beneficial may hosting business you own by the web hosting to business reseller web hosting and cell hosting people creating separate space on your web server

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a group of many web servers that are installed in different countries, all these hosting is added to the Internet and here on your request, a virtual server is created which is called the cloud server. The data remains internet upload and all server sync remains. Suppose your website is in India and if someone opens it in the US, then the cloud web host By Ting is sent to him by his closest server to speed the website is growing too, as well as cloud hosting takes to handle more web traffic.
After this article, you know something about your web hosting. Now let’s know some companies have a web hosting in the market. Which hosting services are the cheapest and the best? Below are some of my best web hosting from my experience –

What is InterServer Hosting?

What is web hosting?| Different type of web hosting
 InterServer is a very good web hosting. The advantage of buying this hosting is –
•    Hosting uptime above 99.97%
•    Fastest budget hosting with TTFB below 220ms
•    Uptime backed by SLA
•    100% in-house customer supports
•    Offer weekly backup
•    Price lock guarantee
 You can use Master Card, Visa card, PayPal and other payment methods to purchase this hosting. The packages of this web hosting are –
1.    ASP.NET: Starting at $5 USD per month
2.    VPS Special: Starting at $6 USD per month
3.    Dedicated: Starting at $50 USD per month
A Budget Package for InterServer Web Hosting – Unlimited Web Hosting. The ultimate cPanel web hosting package with all the features you need to run your WordPress, E-Commerce, Forum, Business, or any other website. It is the price is $4 USD per month (3 Year) or $5 USD per month.

What is Bluehost Hosting?

What is web hosting?| Different type of web hosting

Bluehost is another very good hosting company. If you buy this company’s hosting you will get a domain free with it. You can get free SSL certificates for a website. Bluehost’s customer support is very good. If you face any inconvenience, 24/7 will help you. Bluehost’s minimum plan is $ 2.95 USD per month. Bluehost’s packages are as follows –
1.    Share Hosting –
•    Basic: Starting at $2.95 USD per month
•    Plus: Starting at $5.45 USD per month
•    Choice Plus: Starting at $5.45 USD per month
           2. VPS Hosting –
•    Standard: Starting at $18.99 USD per month
•    Enhanced: Starting at $29.99 USD per month
•    Ultimate: Starting at $59.99 USD per month
3.    Dedicated Hosting –
•    Standard: Starting at $79.99 USD per month
•    Enhanced: Starting at $99.99 USD per month
•    Premium: Starting at $119.99 USD per month
4.    Word Press Hosting –
•    Basic: Starting at $2.92 USD per month
•    Plus: Starting at $5.45 USD per month
•    Choice Plus: Starting at $5.45 USD per month

What is Hostgator Hosting?

What is web hosting?| Different type of web hosting
 You can buy web hosting at least $ 2.75 USD from HostGator. Significant advantages of the HostGator are –
•    Solid hosting performance – above 99.99% and TTFB around 420ms
•    Flexibility to scale up server resources with no downtime
•    Auto-updates and malware removal
•    Free site migration for new members
•    Quality customer service with comprehensive support
•    Option to upgrade to VPS and dedicated hosting
 Hostgator’s shared hosting plans are –
•    Hatchling Plan: Starting at $2.75 USD per month
•    Baby Plan: Starting at $3.95 USD per month
•    Business Plan: Starting at $5.95 USD per month
Besides, there are other planes –
1.    Website Builder: Starting at $4.95 USD per month
2.    WordPress Hosting: Starting at $5.95 USD per month
3.    VPS Hosting: Starting at $29.95 USD per month
4.    Dedicated Hosting: Starting at $119 USD per month

What is Inmotion Hosting?

What is web hosting?| Different type of web hosting

 Another great hosting company is Inmotion hosting. This company has the facilities you will get – You can get 20% off by buying a share business hosting. FAST Web hosting with free SSDs. FREE 1 click installer with 400+ applications. FREE cPanel for easy server management. FREE domain to get you started.
Pros of InMotion Hosting
•    Solid hosting performance: Uptime > 99.95%, TTFB < 450ms
•    Topnotch live chat support; BBB A+ rating
•    One-click shared SSL (Auto SSL)
•    Daily automated site backup
•    Choice of server locations in US East and West Coast
•    Full SSD storage; SSH and SFTP access
•    Options to upgrade – VPS and dedicated hosting
•    90 days money back guarantee (industry #1)
 Inmotion hosting their plans are priced like this –
1.    WordPress Hosting – Starting at $7.26 USD per month
2.    VPS Hosting – Starting at $21.04 USD per month
3.    Dedicated Servers – Starting at $105.63 USD per month
4.    Reseller Hosting – Starting at $15.39 USD per month
5.    Business Hosting – Starting at $6.39 USD per month

What is Hostinger hosting?

What is web hosting?| Different type of web hosting

 Hostinger offers great hosting service. You can purchase an advanced cloud hosting from Basic Shared Hosting. A good advantage of using Hostinger is that they offer the necessary hosting for low prices. The plan includes a number of free features that are useful for any business.
Key Features That Hostinger Offers
•    Excellent server uptime – 99.81% above
•    Fast server load time < 440ms
•    Offer weekly and daily backups
•    Curl and Curl SSL available
•    Option to upgrade to Cloud and VPS hosting
Hostinger Pricing
•    Single shared hosting – $2.15 /mo
•    Premium shared hosting – $3.49 /mo
•    Business shared hosting – $7.95 /mo

What is Dream Host hosting?

What is web hosting?| Different type of web hosting

They offer terrific 24/7/365 support to amazing products. They make sure your website is fast, secure and always up so your visitors and search engines trust you. Guaranteed. There web hosting price is –
1.    Shared Hosting: Starting at $2.59 USD per month
2.    WordPress Hosting: Starting at $2.59 USD per month
3.    VPS Hosting: Starting at $13.75 USD per month
4.    Website Builder: Starting at $4.95 USD per month
5.    Dedicated Hosting: Starting at $149 USD per month
6.    Cloud Hosting: Starting at $0.0075 USD per Hour

What is Siteground Hosting?

 SiteGround web hosting gives you four types of hosting – 1. Reliable Web Hosting 2. Managed WordPress Hosting 3.High-performance WooCommerce Hosting 4.Autoscalable Cloud Hosting. SiteGround’s customer support is very good. If you have any problem after buying hosting they will give you 24/7 support.
Key Features That SiteGround Offers
•    Extremely reliable server performance with 100% uptime most of the times
•    Hand-to-hand customer support: Rated as best live chat support in WHSR survey
•    Choices of server locations in three continents: the United States, Europe (3 countries), and Asia.
•    Free auto daily backups
•    Free SSL encryption (Let’s Encrypt and Wild Card Let’s Encrypt SSL)
•    Well-tuned for popular CMS such as WordPress and Joomla (Built-in Cacher, NGINX, HTTP/2, SSD storage, etc)
Their hosting price is –
1.    StartUp: Starting at $3.95 USD per month
2.    GrowBig: Starting at $5.95 USD per month
3.    GoGeek: Starting at $11.95 USD per month
SiteGround sells Cloud Hosting. The cost of cloud hosting is –
1.    Entry: Starting at $80 USD per month
2.    Business: Starting at $120 USD per month
3.    Business Plus: Starting at $160 USD per month
4.    Superpower: Starting at $240 USD per month

What is A2 Hosting?

The best web hosting packages are starting at $ 3.92 USD. You can get the following benefits when you buy A2 Hosting –
•    Unlimited Disk Space
•    Unlimited Bandwidth
•    1-CLICK Script Installs
•    Free Solid State Drives
•    99.9% Uptime Commitment
•    Linux & Windows Hosting
•    24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
•    Anytime Money Back Guarantee
•    Solid server performance – 99.98% uptime and TTFB < 550ms
•    Well optimized for speed with guaranteed server resources and pre-configured CDN
•    Choice of 4 server locations (2 in the US, 1 in EU, and 1 in Asia)
•    Let’s Encrypt SSL Support: SSL installed automatically every time user add a subdomain
•    Offsite backups and server rewinds backups
Here you can buy four types of packages –
1.    Share Hosting – Starting at $3.92 USD
2.    VPS Hosting – Starting at $5.00 USD
3.    Reseller Hosting – Starting at $13.19 USD
4.    Dedicated Hosting – Starting at $99.59 USD

What is EUKHOST hosting?

 eUKhost offers a wide range of web hosting solutions for individuals, businesses, developers and public sector organizations, now serving over 35,000 customers around the world. Whether you are looking for a shared hosting package for your personal website or a complex cloud hosting solution for business, eUKhost has the technology and expertise to deliver. There web hosting plans are –
1.    Premium Web Hosting: Starting at 2.78 EURO per month
2.    Managed VPS: Starting at 12.99 EURO per month
3.    Enterprise Cloud: Starting at 38.32 EURO per month
4.    Dedicated Servers: Starting at 69.99 EURO per month
On top, we discussed many hosting companies. In the end, I would like to say that if you use Cloud Hosting, it will be best. Because if you want to change the hosting company in the future, you can easily get all the information from cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is also very fast. This will greatly reduce the download time of your website and it will be very useful.
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