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Is the impossible possible-

With the current scenario and growing power of writing today, we see many one-page websites on the platform. These pages are beautiful and very eye-catching, but the main question is, do these pages rank on the site, and can they be SEO? Well, our discussion for today is that itself. Thus there are few steps if you follow them; we can assure you that your one website will indeed be ranked on Google. Also, you will come to know how to organize a one-page website on Google

 from the following points.


At the first instant, the authority will be very argumentative when the question comes of how to rank a one-page website on Google as every off-site will inbound the line and tend to provide the same URL. This seems that it is not going in favor of a one-page website, but that is not the case, but we also cannot ignore that it is challenging to get the link for the content which is similar or the same time and again. Few experts believe that SEO can be done on a one-page website, and having an off-site link will likewise help you in this matter.

  • Page rank- One can benefit from having links aimed at one particular URL.
  • Domain Authority- having a 1:1 ratio of links to pages but having just one page may be beneficial here.
  • Links- Having new connections over time may be difficult.


 As you know, any SEO will seek that write-up or website to find relevancy in content. Thus, if you want to make your content visible, go for the primary keywords and topics relevant to the content. Here your subtopics will also play a significant role. The content has to be much updated with all sorts of documents and the latest data available. Also, keep in mind that a query receives more matches than a word in a web page or file. Also, try and provide all the relevant information of your content throughout. This helps in making a one-page website rank. This is a fundamental and vital answer to ranking a one-page website on Google and having a binding effect.


If there is the availability of specific transitions that you feel can have new content as your user is scrolling down, then insert such search engines and cache your page. To be 100% sure, you can take one or two-line from the bottom of your text and put it out there on google and can be sure. This must be done in the quote section only. The other method for this process is turning on the CSS and the JavaScript just before loading the page.

How one should do SEO for a one-page website-

  • Spread out the content to cover each topic, and it also looks like you are writing a new web page. Also, one needs to be wise when he/she is choosing the keywords. The keyword is a significant factor and determines a lot to the point how to rank a one-page website on Google
  • Place an entirely separate content in DIVs. Yes, one needs to place content under a very different DIV. This process enhances the visibility and your website. These bits and bytes are significant. Also, try and add the CSS Id names to keep in mind that these are not keywords at all, but this will surely help you organize and in place. Try and use as many SEO signals, and anchor links can also be used for more benefit. There are specific codes that also help in your, and you will have ease in how to rank one-page website on Google. The SEO codes are one of the main points that determine your website’s visibility and ranking on Google.
  • ¬†Anchor links are something that Google is always looking for, and one must not confuse anchor links with the anchor texts. These links are added as they support taking the reader to a specific part of the entire content. This is a crucial part of your job and a critical answer to how to rank a one-page website on Google. ¬†Also, try and optimize the DIV ids because this will help you in keyword SEO and usability. This makes the content much more appropriate, and as a result, this reaches more and more people.
  • Hashtags have to be your crucial area to play within a one-page website. The hashtags will have different types of fonts, and it increases the reach of one’s content. Make the hashtags as much as possible relatable to the content also by the content. Hashtags will bring more people and thus will increase the crowd. Crowd increasing will again bring you to more and more groups and enhance the content that you have. If still, you have how to rank a one-page website on Google question in mind, then these are the few techniques one should surely follow.

Thus these are the ways that you can make your one-page website rank on Google and bring a lot of crowds here. These are the points that we have discussed after a lot of studies and after clearly reading the algorithms of Google. These generally have helped us feature our one-age website, and we hope it will help you as well. All the queries regarding how to rank a one-page website on Google have been answered in the above article. Also, if someone has any query or question regarding any issue, they can contact us. Some fundamental points have been shared in the report, which we have kept as much as possible towards how to rank a one-page website on Google. What the team has noticed and from the experience that we have got, I can say that it is not impossible to rank a one-page website, but yes few basic types of steps must be followed for that. If you are up to it, we assure you that your page will be ranked and receive the audience you are asking for.

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